You Should Have Seen it in Color – 2009


Volume CLII of Niagara University's Niagaran 2009 edition was printed by Herff Jones Yearbook, Inc., 525 Boyd's School Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325. Julie Tirone served her first year as our local representative. 

The cover utilized an applied 4 color gloss lamination finish and used applied HJPMS 286 HJ black 950 color and the end sheets were white with black HJ 950 applied. All pages were printed on 80 lb. Bordeaux stock. Body copies were printed in 11 point AHJ Opus type. Captions and people's names were printed in 10 point AHJ Jessica type. Folio tabs were printed in 12 point AHJ Goudy Sans Bold Italic. Headlines were printed in 36 point AHJ Eddie type and sub headlines were printed in 24 point AHJ Fatback.

Senior portraits, administration, faculty, student organizations, and residence hall group photographs were taken by Lauren Studios Inc., 147 Clay Road, Rochester, NY 14623. Joel Siegel served as our account representative. Additional photographs were taken by yearbook staff members and/or supplied by various campus offices and organizations. Student body members also contributed their own candid photographs. 

Volume CLII of the Niagaran contains 200 pages. It had a press run of 1,400 copies and was financed through a portion of student activities fees. This year, books were printed in all color for the first time. Books were distributed in September 2009. 

Raven Taber and Kristen Masood served as Co-Editors-in-Chief for this edition, and created the cover, divider pages, and end sheets. Jackie Eckel created the Events and Activities section. Kristen Masood and Ignazia Billings created the Student Life section. Kristen Masood created the Clubs and Organizations section. Candice Lymburner and Courtney Davies created the Athletics section. Kristen Masood created the Faculty and Administration and Staff sections. Kimberly Rolls and Jessica Ward created the senior section, and Kristen Masood and Raven Taber created the Opening and Closing sections. The moderator for the staff was Kimberly Zukowski, Director of Niagara University Housing. 

Letter From the Editor

Whew_ you've reached page 100!  We hope you like what you see in this years ALL COLOR YEARBOOK!

Many may not know the time and commitment that goes into creating a 200 page yearbook.  It may not seem like a lot, but the work starts in September, right when we get to school.  We must design the cover, pick a theme, find staff members, assign sections, and most importantly_ get pictures!

We would like to thank everyone that sent in pictures and/ or helped name photos.  It's a lot of work, and it couldn't be done alone.  Thank you to Bill Newton in Campus Activities for supplying us with pictures from off campus activities, Linus Ormsby and the Public Relations staff for the picture on the cover and the other photos as well, and to the Athletics Department for supplying team pictures and excellent quality candids of the sports team.

We would especially like to thank Kim Zukowski, Director of University Housing, for being our advisor and dealing with all the stress and work that is involved with the job.  She is always willing to help out and get in contact with people when needed, and helped make the all color book possible!

Thanks for supporting the Niagaran.  We hope you're enjoying "You Should Have Seen it in Color_"


Raven Taber and Kristen Masood



  • Raven Taber, Co-Editor-in-Chief
  • Kristen Masood, Co-Editor-in-Chief
  • Ignazia Billings, Student Life
  • Courtney Davies, Athletics
  • Jackie Eckel, Events & Activities
  • Candice Lymburner, Athletics
  • Kimberly Rolls, Seniors
  • Jessica Ward, Seniors