Looking Forward... – 1989


It finally arrived, 1989--the year of our college graduation! Now the time has come for us to say our goodbyes to one another, and who knows for how long. Some friends we will see day to day, others year to year, and some perhaps never again. 

What is left to us now are the reflections of our years spent here together-the things we did, the places we went and the friends we made. We helped each other in times of trouble, made one another smile, lended a helping hand, gave encouragement in doing things we willed, and congratulated one another for our accomplishments. We watched each other grow into young adults, and spent many good times together. Teh memories of our friendships will be with us forever. 

I hope this yearbook will help keep those memories alive. It is a small piece of our senior year at Niagara that we can keep forever. This is the result of a great deal of time. Hopefully the effort will be reflected by the amount of time spent reminiscing with it. Truest satisfaction will not come amidst the rush of May graduation and 'celebration', but in the future, when these are only distant memories, and its contents can be genuinely appreciated. 

Yesterday is behind us and tomorrow is soon approaching. Our college years are in the past. We cannot live in this past, only reflect upon it. And as the years go on, we'll always be looking forward, and looking back. 

Good Luck!

'Til again, 

Kyrston Sue Curcio