Fitting Together – 1994


We would like to express our appreciation to the many people who have helped us in publishing the 1994 Niagaran. Thanks and gratitude to: Linus Ormsby, Jim Mauro, Jennifer Certo, and Mike Tuberosa in the Office of Public Relations; Dave Boyda, Helen Reid, and Leslie Oakes in Campus Activities; Eileen Walsh and Tom Soluri in Graphic Design; Dave Gentile, our representative from Delmar; Brian Chambers for his pictures of the men's and women's basketball teams; Varden Studios, for the senior, clubs/organizations, and sports team pictures; and Regina Kernin, from Academic Computing Services, for all the help in teaching us how to use PageMaker. 

Thanks also to Dr. Sandra Olsen, Kim Yarwood, Barbara Lattanzi, and Elizabeth Licata at the Castellani Art Museum; and the Rev. Bill Allegretto, C.M., Sister mary Francis Martin, D.C., and Sister Christine Mure, D.C., in the Campus Ministry Office. Thank you to the following members of the yearbook staff for all their help and support: Chris Kinsella, Tammy Hamilton, Mary Enjem, Mike Strait, Nicole Weaver, Paul Rheude, Suzanna Stevenson, Cindy Bergh, Cara Ranft, Jessica Smith, Carrie Wallace, Nalini Brijmohan, Tracie Dieter, Carissa Dibble, Katie Higley, Danielle Jeffords, Steve Griffin, Laura Wittmeyer, Andrea Zawadzki, Colleen Schnell, Ezra Schoenfelder, Christi Ianno, Lisa Howard, and Wendy Stevens. Our warmest and biggest thank you goes to our moderator, Marty Troia, director of career development. 

Julie Schroth

Bill Crowley