'83 Niagaran – 1983


Susan Guiry-Editor-in-Chief & Co-Sports Editor

Elizabeth Nelson-Photography Editor

Lawrence Olson-Managing Editor

Dave Argy-Business Manager

Kathie Anderson-Senior Editor & Co-Sports Editor

Carol Barry-Activities Editor

Jim Iavarone-Faculty Editor


Joseph Shum-Editor

Shelgah Ford

Kathleen McConeghy


Marguerite O'Connell


Mary Mastin

Sonia Simmes

Karen Wilson


Ed Reagan

Bill Holbrook

Tom Schofield


Elaine Augustine

Ann Wick

Richard Kaz

David Tillotson

William Staub

Edward McMahon

Pat Reagan

Special thanks to Mr. Harry M. DeBan for the pictures appearing on pages 84-87 (Harry DeBan 1982).

I would also like to extend my special thanks to the few people who devoted much of their time and effort into the production of the 1983 yearbook. Special thanks to my roommates Kathie, Shelagh, and Kate who eased the workload and aggravation. Next my sincere gratitude to Jay Albanese, Mr. Centofanti for our beautiful cover design, and Ron DoBrasz for all their constant support. Without all of their guidance and dedication this yearbook would not have been possible.

Thank you.