'81 Niagaran: 125th Anniversary – 1981


Layout: Dot Smith, Julie Infante

Literary: Jodi Finn, Literary Editor; Terry Fitzpatrick, Marilyn Lynch, Kevin Bloom, John Murphy, Dennis Guiry, Patty Putz

Business: Marilyn Lynch, Liz Palinkas, Teresa Miedda, Joanne Basta, Marie Andrews

Senior: Barb Earsing, Margie Zaloski, Sandy Moore, Sandy Morrillo, Barb Iacucci, Liz Jondle, Eileen Crosson, Lisa Crosson

Sports: Lynn Dormio, Dan Salerno

Photo: Kevin Bloom, Doug Covert, Mario Morrealle, Carol Bienias, Tim Shitham, Karen Haag, Kieran Cummings, Russ Moreale, Bill Daly, Janine Shuck, Kirk Lagonegro.

Special Section: Mike "Piwo" Piwowarski, Wayne Newport, Anne Crosson. Special Thanks to Mr. Harry M. DeBan for the pictures appearing on pages 98-101. Also to Dan Fogelberg for the use of the lyrics to the song Netherlands.

Art: Philip LePine

I would like to acknowledge the few people who helped form this book. First, thanks to all my editors and staff; especially, Mary Pat, Regina, Chris and Eddie who stayed with me from the beginning to the end. Next, my sincere appreciation to Mr. Leo Maloney, Mr. Lou Centofanti and Mr. Dan Solari for their patience and support. Last, but most of all, thanks to Cathy Mark for her guidance, perserverence and understanding.