'70 Niagaran – 1970


The task of creating a yearbook that depicts life at Niagara has been a trying experience.  From its conception the 1970 Niagaran has been beset with problems, from too few photographers to not enough working space.  However, most of these difficulties were overcome with the aid of a number of concerned people.  As editor of the 1970 Niagaran I wish to thank everyone on the staff and all those associated with the Niagaran for their time and patience.  In particular I would like to thank Mr. Leo Maloney, who was always there when we needed advice; Dan Solari, our friend and publisher, whose knowledge has been indespensible; Fr. Louis Trotta, who helped us through our financial crisis; my slaves, Shiela and Jeanette, with whom there was never a dull moment; Kevin Zwiebel, my only full time photographer; Barry Wasserzug and Andrea Zaso, two seniors interested enough in their class to work on its book; Tom Kennedy, my business manager, who kept the book balanced; and finally my associate editor and close friend, Mike Muzyka, whose valued opinions have given me a better understanding of the objectives of a yearbook.

The 1970 Niagaran is an attempt to presentlife at Niagara as it really is.  This has been accomplished with the use of a rather new type of format.  Essentially it is a development of a typical day, both on and off campus, with all itts trials and triumphs.  As with any presentation many people will misunderstand it and our intentions for producing it.  However this presentation stands and only time will tell it to be a proper presentation.

Francis T. Marchese