'68 Niagaran – 1968


To people:

The attempt to create a book around the theme of LOVE has been a difficult but rewarding task.  As Editor-in-chief, I would like to thank the members of my staff and all those who were in any way associated with the 1968 NIAGARAN.  In particular, special thanks go to Father Homlish, our moderator, who at times disagreed but never condemned; Dan Solari, our publisher and friend, who made the possibility of a contemporary book a reality; Mr. Leo Maloney, whose experience and interest served as an asset; Merce McCarthy and Jim Barclay, who gave us ideas, the words and photographs; Linda Heck, who undertook monotony and frustration without complaint; Bill Quinn, who initiated innovations in the sports sections; Richard Walsh, who supported and helped all of us.

This year, the pictures of every member of the University did not appear.  We felt that the substance of the theme might better be captured by individuals rather than by a mass of faces.

This literary and photographic essay has tried to capture the "real" life of Niagara.  What you see here existed and exists.

Some of you may not like the 1968 Niagaran.  In fact, some of you will misunderstand it and will misunderstand us for creating it.  We accept the possibility of misunderstanding and even disagreement, but no matter how a history of Niagara might have been presented, there would be some members of the Niagara community who would disagree with that presentation.  So, as it is, our presentation stands in the 1968 Niagaran.

To the seniors, I say, "good-bye".

To the underclassmen, I say, "good-luck".

As Always,

David G. Henry