'66 Niagaran – 1966


To our readers:

"A university is a place of concourse whither students come from every quarter for every kind of knowledge."  This quote taken from John Henry Newman's IDEA OF A UNIVERSITY has a special relevance for us at Niagara University.  Our university is a community dedicated to intellectual and personal advancement and it is through its academic, social, and athletic life that this knowledge we seek is to be acquired.

Reflecting on Cardinal Newman's words and on our life at Niagara University we have chosen as our theme: "KNOWLEDGE: an active process."

To express this theme and to represent our life at Niagara is the purpose of the 1966 NIAGARAN.  As in the aquisition of knowledge the production of the book was achieved through a common effort.

Rev. Joseph S. Breen, C.M., Rev. John S. Homlich, C.M., and Professor Leo J. Maloney serving as moderators and co-ordinators gave their time and experience to our staff.

Our special gratitude is extended to Rev. John W. Carven, C.M., for his help last spring in the preliminary planning of our yearbook.

The talents of Mr. Robert Koch, Mr. Robert Barnhardt, and Mrs. Lillian Nassal of the Jean Sardou Studios have provided us with superior pictures of underclassmen, seniors, activities, and sports.

Mr. Daniel Solari is synonymous with the NIAGARAN.  As representative of William T. Cooke Publishing, Inc., he has organized our ideas and presented us with a format of superior quality.

This year we wish to extend and embellish the literary content of our yearbook.  Miss Deborah Duffy, Literary Editor, accomplished this task.

The post of Clerical Editor is very demanding.  Miss Sandra Rangatore has spent endless hours typing copy and compiling directories.

Mr. Angelo Severino, Business Editor, proved invaluable in his handling of the NIAGARAN'S business transactions.

Sports Editor Mr. Joseph Heitzler skillfully produced the athletic section of our yearbook.

Mr. Daniel Lake served as Art Editor.  In this capacity he helped in changing layouts.

The excellent photography displayed in our yearbook is the work of Mr. James Barclay, Photo Editor.

Again, to our moderators and staff we extend appreciation and gratitude.


Peter E. Reilly

Priscilla A. Papierz, Co-editors

1966 Niagaran