'51 Niagaran – 1951


Feast of the Annunciation

Though certainly unworthy of her, this Annual of Niagara University's 95th year was placed from the beginning under the patronage of Our Blessed Mother and dedicated to our own Mothers and Dads.  May both our Heavenly Patroness and our earthly parents find a measure of pride and pleasure in the 1951 Niagaran.

Many hours of thought and labor have gone into its production in the hope that the Year Book would be a faithful mirror of a year spent in searching, probing and delving for the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.  It is a mirror reflecting not only study and classroom an campus scenes but religious, athletic and social events as well...a mirror which will, in future years, bring back smiles of recognition and nostalgic remembrances.

As this last page goes to press - fittingly on the Feast of the Annunciation - we express sincere thanks to:

The Rev. John E. Savage, C.M., our able Moderator.  Appointed to this office in the Fall, he has guided our efforts and directed our energies toward the ambitious goal, that of making the Annual a precious treasure for all who revere our Alma Mater.

The Rev. John F. Lynch, C.M., without whose experience and generosity this Year Book would not have become a reality.

Our departmental Editors and their staffs.

Numerous other friends, both of the Faculty and of the student body, in particular Rudy DeFazio, for their valuable assistance.

The DuBois Press and its representatives, Mr. William Ross and Mr. Roy Miller, for expert help - and each of our Advertisers.

It is our sincere hope that the passage of time will make the 1951 Niagaran even more precious - the alchemy of time transforming it into a veritable treasure house of memories.

Edwin N. Naegele

Editor -in-Chief