'50 Niagaran – 1950


Striving to maintain the high standards of the past years, the 1950 Niagaran has evolved from a few scattered ideas into a unified and ponderous entity.  It represents earnest effort and tedious work.  Yet even before we can say our task is complete, we owe a debt of profound gratitude to all who are responsible for its success.

We Thank

The Rev. John F. Lynch, C.M. our able Moderator, to whom we are indebted for his tireless efforts to make the Year Book another outstanding publication.

Mr. William F. Ross, Mr. Roy Miller of the DuBois Press, Rochester, whose technical skills and artistry respectively enriched this volume.

Rev. Frederick J. Russell, C.M., Rev. David L. Symes, C.M. who gave us freely of their counsel and special abilities in the preparation of this book.

Rev. Mark J. Mullin, C.M., Rev. John E. Savage, C.M., Dr. Thomas H. Morton for their photographic assistance.

Wheelan Studios, New York; J. N. adam & Co., Buffalo for excellent attention given to the photography of the individual students.

Our Associate Editors: Edwin N. Naegele, photography; Marilyn A. Lewis, clerical; Roger J. Heisler, sport and script-and our staff.

Our Advertisers and all others who made possible this Annual.

Charles W. Kraft
Shirley M. Sharek; Co-editors
Joseph L. Weckesser; Business Manager