'48 Niagaran – 1948


As the pages of the 1948 NIAGARAN roll through the presses, our work would not be complete until we acknowledged with grateful appreciation our indebtedness to those who helped us make the Annual an outstanding success.  Such an expression we consider both a duty and a privelage.


The Rev. John F. Lynch, C.M. our Moderator, whose expert guidance has been invaluable in the formation of this book.

Mr. William F. Ross of The DuBois Press whose technical skill and prudent suggestions aided greatly in the layout and in the economy of our publication.

The Rev. Eugene W. Wormer, C.M. and the Glee Club for making possible our record supplement.

Mr. Louis Angelo of Gold Tone Studios for his painstaking photography.

The Rev. Mark J. Mullin, C.M., Dr. Thomas H. Morton for their photographic masterpieces.

Mr. Roy Miller whose art work enhances the beauty of this volume.

Our Editors: Robert Reichert, Edward O'Connor, William Maher, Joseph Dooley, Shirley Sharek, and their staffs, for their wholehearted co-operation and genuine interest.

Our Advertisers and those whose help has proved a source of inspiration to us.  It is our fervent hope that you will treasure the Niagaran.


Eugene C. Antczak; Editor-in-Chief

Robert G. Beachman; Business Manager