'47 Niagaran – 1947


To the Moderators and Staff:

Attention: Rev. Mark J. Mullen, C.M., Dr. Thomas H. Morton.

With the writing of this letter, the last details of the 1947 Niagaran are being completed.  Therefore, it is an appropriate time for us to express our sincerest thanks for your whole-hearted cooperation.

To our Moderators, we extend our heartiest thanks for their time, advice, and meritorious patience.  Your technical counsel has been invaluable in preserving the memories of this year at Niagara.

To the members of our respective Staffs, we extend our deepest gratitude for their time, efforts and talents, which have made this 1947 Niagaran possible.


John O. Meyer '48; Editor-in-Chief

Donald P. McIntosh; Business Manager

Arthur W. Dietrick; Script Editor

Henry J. Waive '47; Sports Editor

Eugene C. Antczak '49; Clerical Editor

Robert G. Beachman '49; Advertising Editor

Jack Shaver; Photographic Editor