'38 Niagaran – 1938


Once again The Niagaran has rolled of the presses.  To pass judgement upon this book now rests with you, the reader.  In cold type, formal photograph and unposed snapshots we have endeavored to preserve for you the persons and the events that have made Niagara the grand institution that it is.  We have tried to picture those faces, those groups, those views; to record the fact about those incidents, those professors, those friends; to keep alive all the pleasant memories you will want to retain forever.

The staff of this Niagaran breathed a sigh of relief when the book was finished.  At last, long months of arduous work was completed!  At last we could now sit back comfortably, though somewhat anxiously, and await your criticism.  We, the staff of The Niagaran for 1938, sincerely hope that you, the reader, will enjoy the contents of this year book as much as we have enjoyed the work poured into it.

We realize that our task was made immeasurably simpler by the knowledge and experience of those who guided us.  And it is to them that we wish to extend a sincere word of thanks: To Father Gillard, the Moderator, whose mature judgements and friendly cooperation made light our worries; to The Du Bois Press of Rochester, whose suggestions and direction were found at all times to be pleasing and practical; to Moser Studio of Rochester for the patience displayed in taking shots, in setting-up poses, and, in general, for the excellent photography of this book; to the faculty and student body of Niagara University, whose cooperation made this book whatever success it might be; Finally, we wish to acknowledge the assistance given us by Mr. Edgar O. Drullard, the engraver, whose seemingly inexhaustible knowledge of work such as this provided us with a firm foundation for our operations.  to him-to all who aided us-we say: "Thank you for the time and effort expended in our behalf.  We are grateful for the opportunity of having known and having worked with you."